Silk Road Collars offers a variety of collar styles

Silk Road Collars is pleased to offer a variety of collar styles to suit your needs. We specialize in Martingale type collars, all collars are made in the Martingale (safety choke) style, unless otherwise stated.

Each collar is lined for maximum security and comfort. We use soft plush felt, which provides comfort and security. We feel a grosgrain, or silk lining is too slick and could aid in backing out of a collar.

NOTE: The prices set forth beside the various Collar Styles are based on the Standard line of Trims. The final (total) cost of the Collar will be determined by the Trim  you choose - if a Regal Line Trim is chosen the price will be the price quoted in the Regal Line trim description.

Three Quarter Inch Adjustable Collar = $30.00 

One Inch Adjustable Collar = $30.00

One Inch Adjustable Side Release Collar = $30.00

One and One-Half Inch Adjustable Collar = $32.00

Two Inch Non-Adjustable Collar = $40.00

Two Inch Faux Fur Lined Collar/Lead Combo = $45.00

Two Inch Adjustable Collar = $40.00

Lure Coursing Lead Collar = $45.00

Limited Slip Collars & Tag Collars base price = $25 to $30

Harnesses = $60

Leashes (prices vary)


"Joey" is wearing a 2" Collar with "Majestic" Regal Trim.
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